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Underwater Lights™ For Aluminium and Stainless Steel Hulls

Underwater Lights For Aluminium and Stainless Steel Hulls

Our first request for an Underwater Light™ was back in 1991 and we trade marked it as the BULLEYT. This was LRS approved.

The UL Ti MATE range of Underwater Lights™ superceded the BULLEYT in 2004 and is now the most efficient light in the market place.

Having installed over 15,000 lights world wide since 1991 we continue to seek improvements to our lights. The patented design of our unique reflector and lamp adjustment is one of our latest.

Lamp technology continues to improve and the 250 watt metal halide lamp with 6000 hour lamp life is fantastic. We had to develop an electronic ballast and an ignitor for this lamp and redesign our Underwater Lights™ to accomodate the extra heat.

Suprisingly the 250 watt light in the SA range runs 20 degrees C cooler than the UL Ti MATE 70 150 watt.

Life would be easy if we could install our lights in conventional spaces but we all know that this is not the case. The development of lights for installation into fuel tanks with remote maintainance, ballast tanks and lights in explosive areas all had to be designed and approved.

Our lights are often copied but never bettered.

Underwater Lights™ For Composite Hulls

Underwater Lights For Composite Hulls

The large screwed BULLEYT was designed for the larger yachts and became very popular with the sport fishing yachts. The wish list from customers for this light was to have movement on the light beam.

The UL Ti MATE 130 SA gave the market their wish with the patented internal adjustment of reflector and beam angle.

We have always been concerned with galvanic corrosion. Using plastic as a base material for our lights was not an option for us to consider. New high tech coatings have been in use in the offshore oil industry (sub-sea well heads) and have proven to be very reliable. We have tested these coatings and they will be applied to the UL Ti MATE 130 SA, UL Ti MATE 80 and the new 50 watt single LED UL Ti MATE 84. Added protection longer life.

The small screwed BULLEYT has been replaced with the UL Ti MATE 80 . This is now available with our own designed 55 watt ballast available in 12 and 24 volt d.c

The UL Ti MATE 80 has the option to come with a wide angle lens (another customer wish). Couple this with the 5,300 lumen output from the xenon lamp and the effect even suprised us.

LED Underwater Lights™

LED Underwater Lights

Underwater Lights™ Limited have been using the high wattage LEDs for a number of years and we now feel the new LEDs are more relaible and fit for purpose.

We have been testing the new single 50 watt LED chip and it is planned to be used in the underwater and deck light range.

The LED has one unique feature. The beam spread is nearly 180 degrees. Place the UL Ti MATE 84 in the hull bottom fore and aft and it will illuminate the ocean all round for safe night navigation in shallow water. The perfect light for cameras.

The 21 watt multi LED was originally designed for the Underwater Lights™. It has been adapted for our deck lights and is a popular alternative to the halogen lamp. Its high colour temperature (8000K) makes it look more powerfull underwater than the halogen.

All high wattage LEDs require drivers to control them. We design and manufacture all of our drivers. The UL Ti MATE LC-S6 control can be used for RGB and normal leds.